"Anne Brendle at Human Being Healthy helped me understand how to change my diet, reduce inflammation, and feel much better. After months of struggling with near-constant migraines, I worked with Anne, going on the elimination diet and learning what foods were contributing to my weight gain and headaches. By combining changes to my diet with supplements Anne recommended and a structured exercise routine, I lost 30 pounds. A year later, the weight is still off, and I feel 100 percent better. I highly recommend Anne and Human Being Healthy to anyone looking to change how they feel. "

  • Jamie L.

"The MRT results have really been helpful.  Avoiding corn has been a life changer. I rarely have the kind of issues that I used to have.   I really appreciate the help in sorting this out. It has been so wonderful to get a handle on these issues.  Not sure how I ever would have figured out the corn reactivity without it. Corn is hidden in so many things, so the process of elimination would have been very difficult."

  • Linda D.

 "Anne keeps it simple and makes change doable for the everyday, busy lifestyle.  She's taught me so much about gut bacteria and thanks to her I'm having less inflammation, I've lost a lot of weight and I'm no longer craving marshmallow fruit loops! I cannot thank her enough for helping me feel this amazing!"

 - Joanna S.

Anne is amazing. Both as a person and a professional. If you are looking for a true partner in your health journey, congratulations- you’ve found her!
 - Cara O.