"The human body is not a thing or substance given, but a continuous creation" Norman O. Brown

Functional Nutrition:
Stopping the Cycle of Trial and Error


Every one of us has a biochemical individuality.  This means that there is no one approach to diet and lifestyle that will work for everyone. An integrative approach to nutrition and wellness means looking at all factors of health from digestion and absorption to stress and sleep. 

As a nutritionist trained in the clinical matrix of the Institute for Functional Medicine, my approach is to look at you as a whole person and not just as a set of symptoms.  Your personal history, genetics, environment and lifestyle all are important components of  health and chronic disease. 


Nutrition plays a role in heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue and more.  By looking at anthropometrics, biomarkers and lab findings, as well as food intake, patterns of eating, cravings, sleep and coping skills for stress we will take an individualized look at your personal health. 

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